The Source Of Life

Water is often overlooked, but it is vital for life on this planet and for our own well-being. After all, our bodies are around 70% water, and we would only last a few days without it.

Not all water is created equal. We believe Zuddha Alkaline Water is the best and most pure form of water that you can drink. Welcome to Deep Hydration.

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It's Deep Hydration

Very few people consume enough water in a day, and sadly, those who do consume enough might be drinking water that isn't as pure as it should be.

Recently there has been more focus on the acidity and alkalinity of the foods and drinks we consume and how this affects our health. There are countless books and articles on the subject which make for an interesting read if you want to know more about how pH affects our wellbeing.

Feel The Difference

In short, today's diets tend to be overly acidic. This means that your body's ability to maintain the optimum pH for your organs is compromised. The pH of blood in particular is crucial; with research showing that your blood needs to be mildly alkaline.

With Zuddha Alkaline Water, it's Deep Hydration. We've been making and drinking our own water for over 3 years and have felt the difference for ourselves. Is it time for you to make the switch? Keep an open mind - you might just be surprised.

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