3 Day Alkaline Health Challenge

There is a debate over the benefits of alkaline diets and foods, but why not make up your own mind?

Find out in just three days with our Alkaline Challenge.

How does it work?

Entirely cut out acidic food and drink for three days. Consume only alkaline ones and feel the difference it makes.

Alkaline Challenge Instructions :

  • Drink at least 3 litres of Alkaline Water, preferably Zuddha. Cut out all other drinks; in most cases they are acidic, and in some cases, highly acidic.
  • Do some form of exercise for 45 minutes each day, whatever kind you like.
  • Only eat organic foods from the list below - they are nutrient rich, plant-based, low in calories and, of course, alkaline. We like to make a big salad with our favourite ingredients and eat this for breakfast (yes, breakfast), lunch and dinner. However, as long as you turn these ingredients into either a soup, salad, stir fry or juice, there is no problem. Be as creative as you wish. Eat as much as you can each time. You can add some protein in the form of beans or pulses to one meal a day, but do try to avoid meats - it's only three days after all!