Our Story

Zuddha Water is an independent company set up by Bobby & Pete. We have been drinking distilled alkaline water for years and believe it is one of the best and purest forms of water you can drink. This, combined with our passion for health and well-being, meant it was a natural choice to bring Zuddha Alkaline Water to the general public and offer Deep Hydration to the masses.

Our story goes back to 2002. Bobby was a meditation teacher and Pete turned up for an introductory talk on the benefits of meditation. Pete, stress-head that he was at the time, had been toying with the idea of learning to meditate for years although never got around to it (this is more common than you'd think).

Pete sat through the talk, not really listening, trying to suppress that "one wrong word from you and i'm out of here" feeling that was bubbling up inside. Bobby, despite having talked little sense for 40 minutes (according to Pete), avoided saying the "wrong word", leaving Pete with no excuse not to start his 6 month transcendental course.

We quickly became great friends and Pete, who had previously been a sceptic, was hooked - he was so impressed, he even started teaching meditation too. Combined, we have been meditating for 40 years, and teaching others to meditate for around 35 years.

What does all this have to do with Zuddha Alkaline Water?

Fast forward to 2015, we met for a long overdue catch-up in Melton Mowbray. Pete turned the conversation to alkaline water, explaining some things he had been told by a student, as well as some personal research he had been doing.

Pete was met with a few scoffs, although unlike the others he mentioned it to, Bobby's ears perked up and to Pete's surprise, he began to extol the virtues of distilled, alkalised water.

After a long and lively discussion over a meal, involving many thoughts and ideas, the concept for Zuddha Alkaline Water was created. We were excited to start developing a highly pure form of alkaline water that we could offer to consumers to help make a contribution to health and well-being, which was in line with our beliefs and values.

Since that night in Melton Mowbray, we have been working around the clock for four years to get this up and running, and create the Deep Hydration that we are so proud of today. We have funded this business with our own cash, we're an independent company and not a member of any larger corporation. We believe, and operate, in an ethical and conscious manner, and prefer to deal with people and companies who are like-minded.

There have been a few times when we got close to kicking this venture into touch, although there have been plenty of synchronistic meetings and events that have kept us on this path. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped make Zuddha Alkaline water happen.

We hope you benefit from and enjoy Zuddha Alkaline Water.

May everything that you wish for be the least that you receive.

Bobby & Pete, 2019.