Our Distilled Alkaline Water

Our process is split into five steps which work together in harmony to deliver Deep Hydration.

What do we do and why do we do it?

Step 1 - Softening

We pass our water through a water softener at the start of the process, which is crucial to prevent calcium build-up in our distillers, allowing them to continue working at optimum efficiency.

Step 2 - Distilling

After softening the water passes through one of our distillers. The distillers are the core of our purification system; they replicate the natural rainwater cycle by turning water into vapour and then condensing the vapour back into water on the far side of each distiller. This creates an extremely pure water as unwanted elements are left behind.

Each of our distillers has been hand-built specifically for our process, with a unique design that took months to perfect.

Step 3 - Carbon Filtering

Next our distilled water passes through an activated carbon filter to ensure ultimate purity in the water. Activated carbon is highly microporous - just one gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 3,000m2.

Step 4 - Alkalising

This step is where the Zuddha magic happens. The water is naturally re-mineralised using a specially created filter using bio-ceramic media. This works to alter the pH of the water, transforming it to beautifully crisp and refreshing alkaline water, with a pH of 9.0+.

The bio-ceramic filter also adds active hydrogen which changes the size of the water clusters, improving the Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP) of the water. Improved ORP provides an anti-oxidant water that’s capable of helping promote Deep Hydration of your blood tissue and cells as well as neutralising the harmful effects of free radicals on the body.

Step 5 - Finishing

The final step is to pass the water through an ultraviolet (UV) filter to ensure the water is naturally sterilised before bottling in glass, followed by a one-microgram filter.

Zuddha Alkaline Water is only bottled into glass.